Webster Elementary School

Accomplishments for the start of school:
  • A new paved parking lot along Civic Center Way.
  • The upper and lower playgrounds have been repaved.
  • The surface beneath the playground structure has been replaced.
  • New retaining walls have been installed between the upper field and Winter Canyon Rd. and between the drive ramp and the play structure.
  • A reconstruction of the bus drop off area to improve access to the school site.
  • All new windows, doors, interior flooring and paint, exterior trim paint and improvements to accessibility was completed last year.
Some work that started in the summer continues:
  • An improved drop off and pick up lane on Winter Canyon Rd. The new lane will run the length of the upper playground and provide for better capacity and traffic circulation.
  • Iron security fencing along drop-off lane will be installed.
  • Replacement of the asphalt in the kindergarten play yard.

*Safety Measures are in place during all construction activities*
These projects made possible by voter-approved bond funds and managed by the Facility Improvement Projects (FIP) department.

Please contact Samir Shah, Construction Manager at or Carey Upton, Chief Operations Officer should you have any questions.

Thank you parents, staff and students for your ongoing cooperation and patience while SMMUSD continues these important improvements!

Project Overview– Summer / Fall 2017
Windows, Paint, Floors and Doors
Thanks to the districtwide window, paint, floors and doors project, Webster Elementary School in Malibu has a striking new look.

During the summer and fall of 2017 Webster received new windows, doors, and interior flooring and paint. Outside, Webster received new trim paint and improvements to enhance accessibility. The result is a beautiful new campus in a significantly-improved learning environment.

The Window, Paint and Floor projects focus upgrades on the educational spaces to make them more efficient, cleaner and better environments for learning.

“While the project is still in progress, the impact of the window, paint, floor and door project is already being felt,” said Webster Principal Patrick Miller. “Webster was built in 1949 and was overdue for some facility improvements. This project maintains the unique, small school community vibe we cherish as Webster. We now have cleaner and much more inviting learning spaces for our 300 students, and for the many more to come in the future.”

The previous windows were more than 20 years old and were replaced with 680 Arcadia storefront windows. The new windows are double-glazed so they have greater thermal and acoustical qualities.

“Our teachers work so hard to deliver a high level of instruction and our students work so diligently to improve their learning and treat each other well,” Miller emphasized. “So many fantastic things are happening at Webster, and these improvement projects are leading to increased students, staff, and public pride in our little gem of a school.”

Webster Elementary School Previous Modernization Work
Modernization included replacing the fire alarm system with a fully automatic system. Construction began in the second quarter of 2010 and was completed two months early in January 2011.

In April 2013, additional perimeter security fencing was installed on campus. To improve student and staff safety, the student drop-off, parking, and bus drop off areas will be completely revised on Winter Canyon Road and Civic Center Way. A new parking lot will also be built on Civic Center Way. The project will also include new decorative fencing at the front entry.

Two existing classrooms were upgraded to the district’s new technology standards. The standard includes a projector and screen, document camera, DVD player, and a sound system with a wireless microphone. The school has been upgraded to 1Gpbs networking and campus-wide Wifi. The telephone systems were replaced with a district-wide IP telephone system (VOIP). One teacher and eight student laptops were provided. Wireless access points were installed throughout the campus and the phone system was replaced with a new IP telephone system. The campus network infrastructure was upgraded to one-gigabit bandwidth to support the wireless access and telephone upgrades. The technology upgrades were completed in 2010.

Project Contact:
Steve Massetti
Bond Manager Consultant
310-450-8338 x79389

Modernization Updates
Modernization Update #1

2017-18 School Year
Modernization Update 09/17
Modernization Update 04/18

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