SMMUSD sustainable schools solar panels


Clean Energy & Renewables
Prop 39: The Proposition 39 K-12 Program provides grant funds for energy projects, energy efficiency upgrades and clean energy generation at schools. District was granted $1.8 Million to save energy and energy related costs through technology upgrades and district wide saving techniques. The district underwent extensive indoor and outdoor energy audits and has committed to replacing current CFL, HID and fluorescent lighting with high efficiency LED. This project will save the district approximately 719 kW per year in energy and $260,000 in lighting related costs. Our RFP for this lighting replacement project is currently released, with responses from interested firms due January 16th, 2018. The installation of the LED lights is to start.

Solar (PV) Installation: In 2011, leased rooftop Solar PV arrays were installed on nine elementary school campuses. The total size capacity of the systems is 863.310 Kw.

Site:                              Site Size (kw DC): Lifetime energy generation (Killowatt Hours)
Cabrillo Elementary 75.864 534,252 kWh
Franklin Elementary 151.34 922,916 kWh
Grant Elementary 112.36 787,448 kWh
John Muir Elementary 8.97 54,311 kWh
McKinley Elementary 32.2 205, 962 kWh
Point Dume Marine Science Elem 90.16 590, 512 kWh
Roosevelt Elementary 151.34 979, 790 kWh
Webster Elementary 93.38 579, 488 kWh
Will Rogers Elementary 112.7 730, 274 kWh

Solar Phase I Project: The district is currently designing solar installation plans for the Santa Monica High School Innovation building, John Adams Middle School, and Edison Language Academy. Completion of these projects is expected by December, 2018.

Continuous Energy Improvement Program (CEI):  The Continuous Energy Initiative program is focusing on the behavior aspects of our energy conservation as a district. This program was presented at the October 19, 2017 board meeting. Staff, faculty and students' energy saving behavior will be influential in reaching the district's energy goals of a 15% energy use reduction in 2018. This program aims to target the "What you can do" aspect and encourage participation and provide education and educational tools to reach our goals. The program is highlighting three simple behaviors that have a large impact on energy use:
  1. Shut down and power off all IT equipment in classrooms and offices when not in use and at end of each day. This includes computers, tablets, copy machines, smart boards, projectors and lamination machines.
  2. Shut off all lights when the room is not occupied and at the end of each day. Do not rely on lighting sensors.
  3. Close all doors when room is not occupied, at the end of each day, and especially when HVAC system is activated.
Please turn off all electrical appliances when not in  use.

To learn more: Click here to lean more about SMMUSD's Continuous Energy Initiative >

Districtwide Plan for Sustainability: Cumming Corporation was hired (at the December 14, 2017 board meeting) to assist in creating a Districtwide Plan for Sustainability. This plan will incorporate all aspects of sustainability, including energy, water, waste, transportation, air quality, landscaping, nutrition and wellness and increasing urban forestry and biodiversity. Notably, the plan will focus on how environmental sustainability can be incorporated into curriculum and Educational Services.

The goal of the plan: To formalize the efforts around environmental sustainability to encompass the entire District through comprehensive and uniform goals and policies. The plan will be used to eventually integrate principles of sustainability into all school and district activities. All of our energy efforts mentioned above, including the energy demand savings goals in the strategic plan, will be incorporated into this sustainability plan.