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The Future of Samohi Presentation April 17, 2018
The Future of Samohi
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Santa Monica High School

In recent weeks, you may have noticed increased construction activity around campus. These projects are happening thanks to voter-approved bond money from Measure ES! Our Facilities Improvement Project work is now focused on the demolition of the Technology and Science Buildings. Alan Braatvedt, the Director of the Santa Monica High School projects shares the inside scoop on the project, "The Samohi campus plan is a rejuvenation of the entire campus to create a modern learning facility that better utilizes the limited space on campus and creates a sense of belonging."

The Science and Technology Buildings will be demolished this summer to make way for Samohi's new Discovery Building and pool. With the limited amount of time for demolition of the buildings, as it must be completed prior to fall, the district decided to contract to have the abatement completed before the start of the summer vacation. The entire area was securely fenced off and encapsulated with plastic sheeting to ensure the safety of the Samohi community. Air quality is being monitored around the site in an abundance of caution. All materials removed during the operation are handled with caution and regard for the environment and disposed of in specialized sites. Braatvedt added, "Our priority has been to put the safety of our students first. Abatement for this project was done by a specialist abatement contractor, under very controlled conditions to ensure that there was never any danger to students or anyone else on the school property."

Samohi Principal Dr. Antonio Sheldon could not hide his excitement sharing, "For Samohi to be moving towards 21st-century learning ideals is very exciting. We are preparing students for a world of work that is very different from what we were used to 20 years ago. Fluid meeting spaces that promote learning beyond the classroom are something our students need to become comfortable with because that is what the world is moving towards. The Innovation Building was our first step in that direction and the Discovery Building will drive that point home."

Samohi Discovery Building

Samohi Discovery Building
The Discovery Building is being built on the site of the former Science and Technology Buildings, with construction scheduled to start in early 2019. The plan for the Discovery Building is especially exciting as it includes a three-story open-building concept with 38 classrooms including state-of-the-art computer and science labs, common areas, seminar rooms, a full Olympic-size 50 Meter pool, indoor/outdoor dining facilities, and parking for 288 cars.
Samohi Sealy Field

Samohi Sealy Field
Samohi had been without a softball field since construction began on the Innovation Building but this changed with the recent completion of work on Sealy Field. Upgrades to the dugout, bleachers, bullpens, scoreboard and lighting are making for safer and more comfortable play. Our Samohi baseball teams and championship softball team will benefit from the upgrades as they play in their renovated facilities in the coming seasons. Sealy Field also serves the Santa Monica community through partnerships and by special-use permits.

Samohi Science Quad

Samohi Science Quad
The goal of the update to the Science Quad was to create clearly defined and welcoming entries. The plan incorporated accessible paths that transition from floor elevations of existing buildings to elevations of the new quad and circulation pathways. Today, our students enjoy eating lunch and studying on the new Science Quad while the pathways navigate pedestrians around the outdoor lounge areas.
Samohi Innovation Building

Samohi Innovation Building
With funding allocated from voter-approved bond money, construction of the Innovation Building was completed in Fall 2015. The 15 science labs and 18 general classrooms provide students with a 21st-century learning environment fostering creativity and innovation. Open spaces and common areas give students the opportunity to collaborate and problem solve outside of the classroom, in ways that more closely resemble what they may encounter when they join the workforce.



Building Futures: Samohi DESCARGAR

Samohi Construyendo Fuuros

Samohi facility improvements quick facts

check mark Funding for all of these projects is from voter-
approved bond measures.

check mark 76 existing classrooms were upgraded to the district's new technology standards. The standard includes a projector and screen, document camera, DVD player, and a sound system with a wireless microphone.

check mark The Discovery Building is slated for completion by the end of 2021.

check markSamohi serves 2,900 students.

  check markSamohi is grades
  9 through 12.
The school has been upgraded to ultra-fast 1Gpbs networking and campus-wide WIFI.
The telephone systems were replaced with a district-wide IP telephone system (VOIP).
The change to LED lighting on our sports fields means higher energy efficiency and greater sustainability at Samohi.
1,008 new laptops for students and teachers were added to the math, science and special education classrooms.

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Samohi Campus Plan

The Future of Samohi

Samohi Tree Nursery

Project Contacts:
Steve Massetti
Bond Manager Consultant
310-450-8338 x79389
Alan Braatvedt
Director of Projects Consultant
310-450-8338 x79394

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