SMMUSD Facility Improvements - McKinley Elementary School

Educational Specifications

McKinley Elementary School

McKinley Elementary Lion LogoWe appreciate that construction is challenging for everyone: students, faculty, staff, and parents. We have been diligently working with the construction team to complete the work of modernizing the school.


We have been hard at work during 2018-19 making key comfort, safety, and accessibility improvements (scroll down) to the main building at McKinley Elementary School. We are equally excited about the changes students, parents, faculty and staff will see when school resumes in the fall. This summer, we will be working on the following:

Main Admin Building and Auditorium: We will be installing new flooring, doors and components for a new fire alarm system. We will also be installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment that will keep classrooms cool on our hotter days. The second floor will gain new windows and a hallway similar to the one added to the classroom building (rooms 107-210).

Childcare/Kindergarten Bungalows: We will be replacing outdated plumbing and toilets in student and teacher bathrooms with flush-valve type toilets that will be water efficient, using only 1.28 gallons per flush. The children’s toilets will also be a taller, standard size.

Bathrooms campus-wide will be ADA compliant.
McKinley Elementary exterior renovations
More energy efficient double-pane windows have been installed in the main building. They are also quieter. For more improvements, please see below.


McKinley Elementary School Cafeteria renovations
McKinley Cafeteria

• Heaters and air conditioners were installed.
• Fire alarms were installed.
• Walls were painted & new flooring installed.
• New doors with vision glass were installed.
Installation of fire alarms at McKinley
McKinley portable classrooms
(Rooms B4-B9)
• Installation of the new fire alarm system began.
McKinley Auditorium
• New curtains were installed.
• New lighting was installed.
• New projector was installed.
• Though coordinated through the Facilities Use Department, these upgrades were all part of Measure ES.

McKinley Elementary classroom uodates
McKinley classrooms 17 - 210
• Fire-rated corridor built. Progress was made installing new fire alarm system that has voice-evacuation alert capability.
• Air-conditioning units installed and operational.
• The rooms were painted, and new flooring was installed.
• Acoustical tiles that dampen room noise were installed.
• New doors with vision glass, new bookcases installed.
• Second floor window glass replaced with double-pane glass.
• Stairs demolished in advance of construction of new ramps.
McKinley campus-wide improvements
• Roller shades were installed in almost all rooms and offices.



Building Futures: McKinley Elementary

McKinley Elementary facility improvements quick facts
Funding for most of these projects is from bond measures previously approved by local voters.
473 students at McKinley Elementary 86
Number of students in TK-5.
Total faculty and staff, 36 of whom are certificated teachers and administrators.
McKinley has seen a 17% increase in the number of socioeconomically disadvantaged students in the past year. 22 different languages are spoken at McKinley
Increase over the 2016-2017 school year in number of socioeconomically disadvantaged students passing the state English Language Arts test.
Number of different languages spoken by McKinley students this year.
McKinley generates 13 percoent of energy it uses via solar panels We believe in McKinley PRIDE
The school generates about 13 percent of the electricity it uses with its more than 100 solar panels.
That’s McKinley’s motto: “We declare that as students and staff we are Peaceful, Respectful, Intelligent, Diverse and Enthusiastic.”
Thank you for your patience and support during construction and upgrading
We appreciate the patience, cooperation and support of parents, students and staff as we make important improvements that are paid for with funds from bond measures BB and ES, approved by voters previously.

Environmental Reports

Project Contact:
Steve Massetti
Bond Manager Consultant
310-450-8338 x79389

Modernization project - 2011
Modernization at McKinley Elementary School included the reconfiguration of the school’s main entrance, main office and front entry restroom. The modernization enables staff to improve supervision at the main entry, and make it easier to welcome guests at the main office.

Outdoor improvements consisted of a new welcoming and inviting courtyard filled with planters and built-in bench seating at the front entry. The restrooms were also reconfigured to allow student use from the interior courtyard. Construction began in the third quarter of 2011 and staff moved into the renovated space for the 2011-2012 school year.

Two existing classrooms were upgraded to the district’s new technology standards. The standard includes a projector and screen, document camera, DVD player, and a sound system with a wireless microphone. The school has been upgraded to 1Gpbs networking and campus-wide Wifi. The telephone systems were replaced with a district-wide IP telephone system (VoIP). One teacher and eight student laptops were provided. Wireless access points were installed throughout the campus and the phone system was replaced with a new IP telephone system.The campus network infrastructure was upgraded to one-gigabit bandwidth to support the wireless access and telephone upgrades. The technology upgrades were completed in 2010.