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Franklin Elementary School

Franklin Elementary School logoThe Franklin Elementary School campus is past the halfway point of two years of planned building projects. We’re currently working after school and on occasional weekends, with more work planned for next summer.

Air conditioning: Perhaps the most appreciated of all our projects: We are nearing completion of the installation of air conditioning on most of the campus. Units we’ve installed in the library, rooms 8-20, and the kindergarten rooms are already working. We will have units installed and operational in the cafetorium and the main building soon.

Fire alarms: Installation of a new, code-compliant fire alarm system with voice evacuation commands will continue after hours and on wekends until the system is operational and certified. The current system will continue to be used until the upgraded system is active.

Earthquake-ready automatic gas shut-off valves were installed over winter break.

New asphalt: We replaced asphalt on the east and west ends of campus.

Main entrance and the admin building were painted.

New flooring was installed in the kindergarten building.

What did we do last summer and fall? Scroll down for a roundup.

During the summer of 2019 most of the campus will get new paint and flooring, while rooms 8-20 and the kindergarten rooms get new windows. In addition, bathrooms in the main building will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The drinking fountains will be replaced and some will have bottle fillers.

New Franklin Elementary School air conditioners.


Franklin Elementary floors

New floors and paint for Franklin Elementary
The first floor of the main building received new flooring and fresh paint as part of the windows, paint and floors project. New flooring was also installed in the portable classrooms (below).
New floors for Franklin Elementary portable classrooms

Franklin roof restoration
New roof for Franklin Elementary portable classrooms
The roofing on portable classrooms was replaced, ensuring a leak-free experience once the rainy season started.

Franklin Elementary new glass

New glass for Franklin Elementary
The main building saw all windows on the first floor replaced with quieter, more energy-efficient double-pane glass. Also, exterior trim, doors, and handrails were painted.
Franklin Elementary ADA compliant restrooms

Franklin ADA friendly restrooms
The bathrooms have grab bars, unobstructed access and space to maneuver a wheelchair around the room and under the lavatory. Also paper towels and mirrors are mounted lower for better accessibility.

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, Winter 2019

Building Futures: Franklin Elementary School

Franklin Elementary facility improvements quick facts
Funding for all PDMSS proejcts is from bond measures approved by voters in Santa MonicaFunding for all of these projects is from bond measures previously approved by voters.
Franklin has 746 students enrolled for the 2018-19 school year Franklin has 45 teachers and other certificated staffers and administrators.
Number of students enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year. That makes it the second-largest elementary student body in the district.
Number of teachers, other certificated staffers and administrators. They work alongside 49 classified employees
There are 700 members in Franklin Elementary's PTA Franklin has generated 103,000 kilowatt hours of electricity this fiscal year.
Members in our school's active parent-teacher association.
As of Jan. 9, Franklin had generated 103,000 kilowatt hours of electricity this fiscal year via solar panels, the second-most of any school in the district.
Franklin elementary is a Scholar Honor Roll school learn more about the Franklin School Site Council in the school handbook
In 2017, the Educational Results Partnership and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence named Franklin a Scholar Honor Roll school.
The School Site Governance Council has six subcommittees that help plan changes to the school site each year. More information is available in the Franklin handbook.
Thank you to all parents, students and staff for y our patience as we make these important improvements to PDMSS
We appreciate the patience, cooperation and support of parents, students and staff as we make important improvements that are paid for with funds from bond measures BB and ES, approved by voters previously.

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Steve Massetti
Bond Manager Consultant
310-450-8338 x79389