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SMMUSD Announces Facilities District Advisory Committee Members
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The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education announced 22 members to the newly created Facilities District Advisory Committee (FDAC) at the regular February 18, 2016 school board meeting.

All members of the FDAC will serve on one of two subcommittees, the Malibu Facilities Advisory Committee (FDAC-M) or the Santa Monica Facilities Advisory Committee (FDAC-SM). Each subcommittee will advise only on projects for school sites in their areas. The FDAC-M committee members will focus on Malibu schools and the FDAC-SM members will advise on Samohi and other Santa Monica schools.

The purpose of the FDAC is to provide the Board of Education and district staff with the community’s perspective regarding the use of bond funds for school site construction in conformance with board-established and approved goals and priorities.

Measure ES is a $385 million bond approved by local voters in 2012. The funds have been designated as $180 million for Samohi, $77 million for Malibu schools, $34.4 million for technology projects district-wide and the remaining $93.5 million as unallocated, to be used for other Santa Monica school modernization projects. The Measure BB $30 million shortfall will be funded proportionally from the allocated Measure ES funds.

Twenty-one applications were received for the Santa Monica subcommittee and 20 applied for the Malibu subcommittee. Thirteen were selected for Santa Monica and nine for Malibu. SMMUSD Bond Manager Steve Massetti will oversee the FDAC.

Santa Monica subcommittee: Ann Bowman (aka Ann Hoover), Barbara Chiavelli, Dennis Crane, Karen Ginsberg (representing the City of Santa Monica), Craig Hamilton, David Kaplan, Karen Kushi, Joan Krenik, Sam Levitt, Thomas Malayil, Erik Malin, Judith Meister and Emir Phillips.

Malibu subcommittee: Christopher deLeau (representing City of Malibu), Karen Farrer, Michelle Kahen, Caren Leib, Nancy Levy, Carl Randall, Dave Reznik, Marianne Riggins and Stacy Rouse.

“We are really pleased with the number of applications we received and appreciate the willingness of many community members to serve in this capacity as we move forward with creating exceptional learning environments for students now and for years to come,” Massetti said.

Facilities District Advisory Committee Accepting Applications
The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is seeking qualified candidates to serve on the Facilities District Advisory Committee.

Application forms are available through the Superintendent’s Office or via the website:

The deadline for applications is 5:00pm Friday February 12, 2016. Completed applications can be mailed to the District Office (1651 16th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404) or emailed to

All members of the FDAC will serve on one of two subcommittees, the Malibu Facilities Advisory Committee (FDAC-M) or the Santa Monica Facilities Advisory Committee (FDAC-SM). The committee as a whole will meet twice a year and subcommittees will meet separately once each quarter. FDAC-M will meet in Malibu and FDAC-SM will meet in Santa Monica. The FDAC will alternate meeting locations, with every third meeting being held in Malibu. Dates and times for the meetings have not been set, but it is anticipated that the meetings will take place mid-week starting no earlier than 5 pm.

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